Every individual and every family have unique needs. Some need just a little bit of extra help — the occasional errand run or a little respite care every once in a while. Others need regular services, sometimes as often as every day. Some clients are homebound, while others are active and traveling the world.

Whatever their unique circumstance, there is a single common characteristic: They all need personalized services provided by friendly, trustworthy, professional staff who respect their privacy.

Coleman Care Services has more than 35 years of experience providing just the services our clients need. We work hard to ensure that our clients get the right services at the right time from the right person. Here are some of the things that make us different:


You can trust Coleman Care ServicesAt the core of everything we do is the idea that earning and maintaining your trust is the top priority. We do that by rigorously screening every staff member before hiring them, providing thorough and ongoing training, and ensuring that all staff are appropriately licensed and insured. In addition, we listen to you, so we can understand your needs, your concerns and your priorities.


You can trust Coleman Care ServicesWe understand that it can sometimes seem a little strange to have someone in your home who isn’t a close friend or family member. Maintaining your privacy and dignity is a top priority. Our staff are trained to care for you and provide services the same way they would want that care provided to their family.


Coleman Care Services works to meet every changing needWe know our clients’ needs will change over time, whether that’s day-to-day or from one year to the next. Whatever the case, we’re always willing to modify what we provide and how we provide to best meet your needs.


Coleman Care Services builds relationships with our clientsWhen we commit to providing any service to you and your loved ones, whether running a single errand or providing daily care in your home, we believe we’re building a relationship. We strive to assign the same staff member to you as often as possible, building trust and ensuring our staff understands your needs and values.

If you need help — to cope, to care, to live — please call us. We’re ready to help you create a healthier, less stressful, more enjoyable life.


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