Going through any surgery — even a minor outpatient procedure — is challenging for anyone. Coleman’s trained and licensed Certified Nursing Assistants can help you or your loved ones with medical aspects of recovery as well as daily living tasks that may be more challenging before or after surgery. Our goal is to help our clients recover as quickly as possible.

Better Recovery

You can trust Coleman Care Services

Following surgery there are a number of concerns patients must focus on to ensure proper healing. Our CNAs help ensure that patients take the appropriate medications at the right time, assist with surgical site care, and watch for signs of problems, such as infections. Our caregivers also can help patients with limited mobility following surgery, helping to move them so they don’t develop clots or bed sores.

Regaining Energy

You can trust Coleman Care Services

In addition to letting healing follow its natural course, it’s also important that patients get enough to eat and do appropriate exercise following surgery. A surgical procedure, even a minor one, can leave any person feeling tired and unmotivated. Our caregivers ensure that patients get nutritious food and can encourage and help them to exercise. These “lifestyle” interventions are a critical to help people regain their energy, mobility and normal health after surgery.

Stress-free Healing

Coleman Care Services gives you stress-free healing for your loved one with pre- and post-surgical careThough you or a loved may be recovering from surgery, life goes on. There is still housekeeping, meal prep and errands to take care of. In addition, patients may need transportation to and from follow-up appointments. Handling these on your own may be stressful and cause anxiety, especially following surgery. Our friendly, trustworthy caregivers can handle all that — and more — so you can focus on healing.


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