I am so grateful for Coleman Care Services. My teenage daughter was recovering from a catastrophic accident two years ago. I had driven her everywhere during her treatments, always in the driver’s seat. But towards the end of her recovery I was completely worn out. She still needed transportation from Charlotte to Winston several days a week for special physical therapy. I needed a caregiving driver who would step into my role and not only transport her safely and on time, but who would attend to all of her needs both on the trip and at the therapist’s office.

Angel and her company provided the most professional, expert, efficient and also personable and comforting drivers anyone could imagine.

They exceeded my expectation in every way. My daughter would never have had such a successful recovery, nor would I have gotten a well deserved break, without their help. I really don’t know of another companion service of its kind and I feel so fortunate that we found them. After many months of help from them, Coleman Care Services feels like family to us. They made all the difference at a time when we were needing more then merely a service or assistance, we needed tender loving care. ❤️ We continue to trust Coleman Care Services for other needs now like house-sitting and dog walking, over and over they deliver exactly the right person to meet our specific need. ❤️